About Us

FAST is comprised of career and volunteer firefighters from departments across Illinois and Indiana.? We pride ourselves in selling only products we believe in. Our apparatus line is comprised of two family owned companies:

Smeal Fire Apparatus and DANKO Emergency Equipment.

  • Smeal is one of the pioneers in the aerial industry and is still one of the most innovative.? Let our staff, with over seventy-five years combined experience, assist you department or just call for a demonstration.
  • DANKO Emergency Equipment is an imaginative builder of tankers, Quick Attacks, flatbeds, skid units and other specialty vehicles.

For any apparatus contact Rick O’Hara 877-621-4095 or e-mail trucks@fastfireteam.com

At FAST our heart is in service.? We have staff on the road to take care of any problem you might be experiencing.? In addition, we offer on-site pump and ground ladder testing.

We can test your pumps on a level parking lot.? There is no need to spend all day at the local pond or borrow pit.? To schedule pump or ground ladder testing call:

Rick Ohara 877-621-4095 or e-mail trucks@fastfireteam.com